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Education Corner

Renovating Your Existence

Our Business Services

For our business clients, we will assist your organisation to achieve its business goals by working in partnership with you on specific objective-based projects to reflect the culture and practical needs of your organisation. Our targets are professional and personal development, research and business development, staff retention and customer retention.

Are you struggling with staff retention? We will assist your staff to reach their full potential in the area of continuous personal and inter-personal development.

All our services are bespoke to meet our individual client's needs. Our group of experts are highly talented in their areas of specialisation to ensure that our clients get only high-quality work from our service.

Training Methods and Style

We recognise that people learn and respond to training in different ways. We therefore aim to strike a balance between presenting essential background information and facilitating participative exercises that are challenging as well as motivating; and allow for real experiential learning to take place.

Our training style is relatively informal, but always appropriate to the subject matter and contingent on the situation. We believe that whilst personal effectiveness can be understood on an intellectual level, learning that brings about the desired changes requires a supportive and enabling environment. We therefore encourage delegates to explore their own behaviour, attitudes and potentials during our courses, to take risks; and to learn from their 'mistakes.'

Business services target:

  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Research and Development
  • Staff Retention Courses

  • Business Research and Marketing Mix
  • Psychometric Assessment for potential staff
  • Promotional Assessment
  • And many more

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